Axis of Awful: Marvel’s AXIS #1

I’ve been away for a while, for various reasons of lazy, unmotivated or lacking the time when motivation is even found. Except for today, today is different. Today is brought to you by red hot rage. SUPREME RED hot rage.

Hooray for Wednesdays, being comic days and all. The usual, go to pick up the usual slosh of mostly okay writing or general comic-ness.., and every now and then good stuff. Then, there is AXIS #1.

That was awful. Questions upon questions of awful miserable awful awful miserable awful horrible bad awful misery of awful misery and awful miserable awfully bad miserably awful bad. Which, while that isn’t a glory bound, or dignified articulation of the English language, it still manages to describe most accurately the pool of half-assed tomfoolery and literary bullshit that is AXIS #1.

Now before we begin, I’m sure (and I hope) AXIS as a main event for Marvel Comic has a lot in store for its immediate future. This however, should be taken with a grain of salt. There could be good things present, but could is a subjective term such as lobotomization COULD be a better alternative to being Caligula’d up the rear with an iron fist filled with dirty money.

Mother of sweet literary justice, this book, book one of AXIS, Which was SUPPOSED to be a good idea, (keyword: supposed), is baaaaad. And really not just bad, but hell raising, mind boggling. I can’t really fathom how a writer whom I had experienced as not just a fantastic story teller (Uncanny X-Force), but extraordinarily capable of crafting a master piece, could be this dis-jointed and… just not good, anywhere.

The sad thing is, I don’t even care for how the pages and each panel are displayed. Its all very clunky and rigid, as if each panel was sadistically forced into a cramped space with and scolded if it were to ever have a fluidity and flow. It would then get struck with a broom of wire and needles filled tetanus. WHICH would explain why it feels so locked up.

Panels aside, the art isn’t bad? Cynical behavior aside, I don’t hate it(?) Adam Kubert is a great choice for a narrative of AXIS’s scale but coupled with (Laura Martin and Matt Milla) whom I believe is responsible for color, each panel is individually.. average.

AXIS begins already with a flaw, they tell us that necessary precursor information vital to our tales beginning, exist in other books. This is explained in the “Previously…” first two pages. Now to be fair, the first page of this, explains more distant but very relevant events. It’s the second page that sparks the problem. It details more recent events relevant to the story, which you may ask yourself, HEY: Where is the problem in that you dumbass? To which, You’re right, there shouldn’t be. But, to include a subplot about Magneto killing the Red Skull, setting in motion the Red Skull’s ascendancy into the Red Onslaught he becomes? It is truly relevant and would have been better suited for a tale told directly inside the arc of AXIS itself and not as a prelude in another book. The matter is talked about in AXIS, similar to a lazy wave between two racing vehicles upon passing but, EEEEhhhh…

Think about it, Imagine if the book opened on Red Skull’s Onslaught at war, or in the process of winning against Marvel’s fair heroes. The heroes are involved in a losing battle but chose to live to fight another day. The retreat comes at a cost and sacrifices are made to allow others to live. Later when the remaining heroes regroup, the Avengers, previously broadsided and caught off-guard by the Events of Red Skull. Altogether the turn of events lead to the world gone to hell in a hand basket. Over time the tale of Red Skull’s rise could be told through flashbacks. That’s just an idea, maybe it too wouldn’t hold substance, but something has to be better than thus far what has transpired. But that is a what-if. There’s at least one more of those before I’m done but for now.. the actual review.

The story opens with the word AXISAXISAXISAXIS… etc. repetitively bordering each of the first couple few pages, serving more as a distraction from events than anything else. Setting aside the eyesore, it’s quickly established there is a new leader, and altogether new Captain America, Sam Wilson, the former Falcon (a refreshing idea on its own). The heroes stumble across clues ultimately leading to the discovery of the Red Skull’s plots via mass world wide psychic influence. So far, cool idea (but Marvel previously established this new team idea previously, so no credit for him there. On the other hand, this is technically the first event for the new team, its just depressing this event doesn’t have much going for it).

And then:

Amongst the chaos, Red Skull specifically influences tries to inflence Scarlet Witch into joining him, and succeeds. One word comes to mind… Annoying. One, Scarlet Witch nowadays exists as a black spot on story lines. She is a poor macguffin to move the story along and establish crisis. She has virtually no character. She’s the cheap hooker of character development. The subject of her allegiance is shallow (She flips sides faster than an always on automatic two-way switch). And she’s too goddamn powerful. The inclusion of her in any story makes any conflict a head scratch. She can at any moment make something not exist and alter reality itself. So.. yeah. I think that says enough. Conflict – Scarlet Witch: FUCK IT! CONFLICT? WTF IS THAT!

Lucky for her, she’s saved my Rogue (Unfortunately at this point, I was really rooting for Red Skull’s success. But let’s hold on to an idea for just a moment. Imagine if he did succeed and warped reality? It could be a distopia where the Uncanny Avengers had to secure allies and face off against the red terror that is Red Skull (Which by the way, Red Terror? It’s a better name for the new Red Skull at this point). Even better? It could serve as an ending to Scarlet Witch. Her death, at the hands off the Avengers realizing she needed to be put down, or she could have killed herself to stop him (Skull), I don’t know. Just a few what-ifs off the top of my head. Back to business.

When she is a center point of a story (With exception some exception, ..maybe, House of M and Decimation, maybe) there instantly factors in so much wrong.

Up next, Magneto, through the coarse of his fight and Red Skull’s general villainy, (Crazy random happenstance) stumbles across locked up X-men just so happening to consist of Cyclops, Kid Apocalypse and Quentin Quire. Short story, he sets them free (hooray). Longer story, Kid Apocalypse dies by the appearance of another guy named Ahab. To which I call a heap load of unearned bull crap. He just appears out of no where, managing to sneak up on Magneto, Cyclops, an Omega level telepath (Quentin Quire) and the unclouded mind of Alex Summers. How? Because FUCK details, right in the down under.

At this point the narrative jumps to and from between the X-Men situation and Scarlet Witch/Rogue. The utmost latter of which has to convince. RoxanneDon’tPutOnTheRedLight (Scarlet Witch), not to beleive Red Skull. She is not useless, crazy, and the wrecker of shit (Whereas the right thing to do is to tell her yes, to all of the above, on account of it being at this point, mostly true). There is a touching attempt at character development here, but I’m not buying it (because Scarlet Witch). Now is not the time for introspection let’s kill space Hitler, but no. No. No that doesn’t happen. Because the only vaguely interesting thing to bloody happen thus far has been this whole event will be over in a matter of months, and that’s not even interesting enough. Anything good about AXIS is stuck to a cavalcade of shit. Genuine character development? Pass, Scarlet Switch and Rogue tried, but it came off as a whine fest. The only touching moment we get is when Kid Apocalypse is talking sense into the X-Men arguing with each other (Up til the point he swiftly dies). And on the subject of death, because we just can’t get enough, Quentin Quire happens to die too, off screen.

Bringing me to my next bit..

Da Fuck is with killing off characters important to other stories (currently happening), or with genuinely good stories of their own with actual detailed build up or weight? No lie, the Kid Apocalypse (And Quentin Quire) thing being on the verge of moral ambiguity has been the subject of most of Jason Aaron’s Wolverine and the X-Men. Only to continue to be a thing in Jason Latour’s run. The very action that lead it to be possible in the first place was implemented in Remender’s own run of Uncanny X-Force. Where, By the way, death was used tastefully and carried weight, (For specific example issue #9). Even later Fantomex’ death (issue # 27) was brilliant and leads to Kid Apoc’s physiological torment later on in the last arc. On the subject of The Final Execution, just, wow. An escalation of death and killing, and final smashes. Killing off characters can be done right. Especially from from him. I expect more from a writer like Remender, whom in the past has demonstrated an expert level finesse of writing craftsmanship.

My hope is he truly had a forest of good ideas up until some higher up on the editing food chain took their slash and burn policy a wee bit too seriously but at this point I’m not entirely sure. Uncanny Avengers really never had a good launch from the start. On the other hand, I’ve seen better appearances from the team in other books than inside their own comic line. To which I ask, how should that be possible from a quality story teller? Is there another Rick Remender? Where did the other one go? Was he replaced with a compliant drone? Who replaced him? Was it Illuminati? What is their ultimate goal? Are their Aliens? Is Rick Remender an Alien? Are they taking him home? Why are they taking him home? Is he defective? Does he need an update? What firmware does he run on? Is it Windows Vista? Do aliens have windows Vista?

My point is, What The FUCK. Explain! To be fair, all this COULD just be poor translation because the story board is all gone to hell, for example, Quentin Quire might not actually be dead (but he sure looks it). But we’ll see.

Axis is currently, a confusing mess in need of better explanation and stronger story telling (and story boarding). It has til at maximum, issue #3 to turn itself around (and that’s being generous). Closing statement, AXIS #1 is not worth the $4.99 price. It has nothing going for it.

I’m sorry no. It has a clever title spelling AXIS right-side up or up-side down. So there’s that.

Good Job.


The Sorcerer Part 5, Tracking

Now that Adar and I have left the town we are ready to find and destroy Ulrich, the question is where to look. Adar instinctively figured that our target would be somewhere in which he could hurt others; we decided to go to the next town over. According to my friend it would be a decent hike, a couple of miles to be more exact. When we got there our jaws dropped and the view brought us to an uneasy halt, the town was burned to the grown. Every inch of ground was covered in charred mangled corpses; each dead body looked like it had been tortured for days. We slowly moved forward through the area expecting an inferno of attacks but nothing happened, crows were everywhere. They just picked at the bodies having had no greater feast then this; I could barely contain my nausea. I could see the rage in Adar’s eyes and as we moved on there were no words for some time, I mean what can be said. We walked a couple miles more and spotted a hut looking building in the distance, smoke rose from its chimney. We approached with caution and knocked on the door, the next thing we knew the door was open and a gun was in our face.

I didn’t say it but the gun was a beautiful silver handgun with a large barrel and one angry man on the other end. He screamed at us saying that he would kill us for trespassing; I could see the hammer was back on the gun. The man’s hand shook as he continued holding the gun in our faces, he looked old but he also appeared very strong. Adar insisted that we meant no harm although it was obvious to me that he was ready to act out of self-defense. The man stared him down and then looked at me with the same serious glare; he spoke once more telling us to go away. He demanded that we leave his property at once; he made it clear we were not welcome. Knowing that we needed answers Adar asked the man if he had seen a dark sorcerer, his response was to backhand Adar. In the blink of an eye Adar unleashed a fire spell melting the man’s gun in his hand, now weaponless the man backed off. Adar grabbed him by the throat with one hand and manipulated a fire ball with the other; the man went from anger to fear. With the man’s attention he asked the questions again in a direct manner, the man said he had seen our target passing by. He didn’t know why he was left alone while the town was killed, he pleaded with Adar to let him be. Adar let go of the man’s throat causing him to gasp for air, he then asked where the sorcerer was. The man of course didn’t know but did have an idea where he might have gone, with a new heading we departed. Adar was more determined than ever to find Ulrich using any means necessary; I couldn’t believe that he spared that man.

We arrived at the new heading and found more carnage although this time there was a person in black attire standing in the center of it all. The individual didn’t appear to be our target although he was laying waste to the place all the same; they used a combination of magic and fire power. Adar and I intercepted the individual who laughed at our arrival; Adar launched a fireball at the individual while I prepared for their response. The fire seemed to hit Adar’s target dead on burning off the individuals black jacket, they were a he and he was livid. He unleashed a series of electric shocks that using a reversal spell the both of us were able to shoot the bolts back at him. In an instant he dove out of the way and then sent out some kind of pulse in our direction, his attack made contact this time. We were pushed back but not out of this fight, Adar hit them with a massive fire blast. The explosion sent a shock wave of its own, both the fire and the shock wave did serious damage to the individual who was now down and out. We walked up to the individual who to our surprise was laughing in his pain; before he passed he stated that his “master” would destroy us all. Neither one of us knew what that meant but it didn’t sound good. Where in the name of god is our target? To be continued……….

The Sorcerer Part 4, Trial and Error

Adar and I have been working really hard on mastering the reversal spell although true mastery would take a lifetime. Even though in the beginning it was more trouble than it was worth, Adar has become almost a mentor to me. I really do appreciate all the work he has put in to help me learn magic, when I thank him Adar simply says that it is self-preservation. As we worked on the reversal spell I asked if Adar thought our enemy was strong enough to curse the both of us at the same time. The powerful puppet curse that our enemy constantly seems to use is the one thing I fear the most, I hate being helpless against it. It’s hard to describe how the curse feels; the closest thing it relates to is hypothermia. Your body becomes completely numb and you lose the ability to control your muscles, then it gets to the point where it can be fatal. The reversal spell is proving to be difficult but with a little trial and error Adar has a decent grasp of the spell, he is far more confident in it then I am. Unfortunately there is only one way to truly test our newly learned spell, I will have to attack Adar with an assault spell.

Of course I will start out with weaker spells and then elevate the power gradually making it increasingly difficult for Adar. The two of us went out into an open field to try the effectiveness of the reversal spell; I asked my teacher if he was ready. All I got was a simple nod which was good enough for me; I launched a small fireball at Adar. As the ball of fire was about to strike Adar he let out the reversal spell. Instantly the fire attack I had shot in his direction deflected to the left, Adar insisted that I attack again. I did so with the same basic result as before, so I amplified the blast. It took a little longer for Adar to deflect it properly but in time he was able to deflect the more powerful shot as well. Now it was my turn to try the deflection spell, I admit my nervousness was substantial. I took a fighting stance and prepared to channel my best deflection spell. Like I did to him Adar attacked me with a small fire ball, I could tell that he was holding back. As the fire approached me too a nice and solid stride step and then unleashed a reversal spell in an attempt to deflect the fire like Adar did. For my first try I did surprisingly well against the fire ball, but not as well as Adar. After several hours of practice with live magic reversals the two of us felt pretty prepared to fight our adversary. The only problem is we don’t have the first clue where Ulrich is, knowing the sorcerer he is probably trying to kill people in some other town. Our only hope of finding and stopping him is to go searching; just Adar and I. We hope that it will only take the two of us to defeat this dark sorcery; I personally hope that our enemy doesn’t have help. In a couple days Adar and I will set out to try and find Ulrich, for now though we will train harder. I will be working on my reversal spell more than any other meanwhile Adar is working on his fire manipulation spells.

From what I have seen his fire magic is extraordinarily powerful making Adar a magic user who is not to be trifled with. I wouldn’t want to face him in a true duel of any variety, his favorite spell is called dragons smite. Basically the spell allows him to breathe blue and purple fire for a period of time, this fire burns through anything the end of its flames touch. He demonstrated to me that the spell allows him to melt very thick shields that would be held by heavily armed assailants. Seeing just how good Adar was my confidence sored a little, but I know we still have a tough road ahead of us. One way or another Ulrich must fall to our hand; either that or we will fall by his. I pray that I will stand a long enough chance to at least weaken him so that Adar can finish the job, between the two of us I think he can do the most damage. But we shall see. To be continued…..

The Sorcerer Part 3, Training

Before we began training I learned that the magic users name was Adar, his name comes from the element of magic he uses the most “Fire”. Adar began by teaching me the basis of all magic, he instructed me that it is inside every one of us. The best way to harness magic is when you really need it and have the basic down; it will never just come to you. Also he told me that magic power has to be earned, even if you do everything right you still have to be worthy of every magical power. Either that or you have to come by magic’s power using darker more chaotic means like the sorcerer we were both after. In Adar’s opinion someone or something like that would never truly be worthy enough to using magic. This was part of the reason why our enemy deserves to die he told me, he kept telling me to try harder during our training. At times it was were hard not to become angry with his constant negative comments, nothing I did seemed good enough to him. He never missed a chance to tell me that I would be killed so quickly against our enemy, but eventually I began to get the hang of certain spells.

He taught me how to form a slight shield in front of myself or someone of my choice; it would be able to block basic magic assaults. However I was told not to rely solely on it when facing our powerful enemy, next be started teaching me a healing ability. Adar told me that with practice I could mend decent sized wounds and even burns, I was pleased to hear this. After several months Adar had taught me enough to give me a good arsenal of weapons including a fire burst. The fire attack is very good against a closer opponent although it can reach farther if you perform the spell right. The last thing I wanted Adar to teach me was how to prevent the sorcerer from doing what they did to me in the past. I wanted to stop myself from being hopelessly controlled and then toyed with. Adar looked at me like I was crazy; he insisted that a spell of that magnitude would be too dangerous. Not even he was willing to try it, I begged him to teach me but he refused for a good reason. He explained that he didn’t use to be the only magic user, in fact there were two others. One of the two had killed themselves trying to perform the spell I wanted to learn, the other became our evil sorcerer.

He described that our enemy used to be named Ulrich, and the other user was named Richard. The two men were arguing about something stupid and just as Adar was about to step in they began fighting each other with magic. Adar told me that there was little he could do; at the time he wasn’t very good at defensive spells. The match lasted a while until Ulrich cast the puppet curse on Richard in an attempt to control his opponent. As Adar was describing it I could see the regret on his face, he continued anyway. After Ulrich had cast the curse he was slowly gaining complete control of Richard, in an act of defiance and self-preservation Richard attempted a defensive break away spell. Unfortunately Ulrich had too much of an upper hand and because of this he was able to turn Richards magic against him. By doing so Ulrich ripped Richards body to shreds and absorbing Richards very soul, ever sense then Ulrich was been obsessed with death. Adar told me that after he saw Richard die he knew Ulrich had become corrupt and needed to be stopped.

So Adar trained himself in the magic he now does fluently, during the attack on the town he tried to face Ulrich. But Ulrich cast the puppet curse on him, not wanting to kill himself Adar did nothing. Luckily Ulrich’s blood lust was already quenched so he spared Adar’s life, after that Adar has been training hard. Adar admitted to me that he didn’t understand why Ulrich truly spared him, but in a way he didn’t care. After listening to the story I realized that although it is dangerous we would stand no chance if we didn’t learn how to stop the puppet curse. Adar told me that he’s been thinking about another way to counter the curse, a way different than trying a possibly lethal break away spell. It would require perfect timing and would be better in multiple magic user would channel the defensive spell at the same time. Adar told me that it would have to be a reversal spell instead of a break away spell, the difference being a reversal spell is done before a magic attack or curse takes initiative. A break away spell is done after an attack or a curse has taken hold of a magic user, the reversal spell according to Adar would be safer. He would now attempt to teach me and himself such a complicated spell, hopefully if we fail it will be less lethal. To be continued….

The Sorcerer Part 2, Possible Redemtion

I stood there waiting to be addresses as they quickly took me into custody; the magic wielder told me that if I did anything stupid he would kill me. As they led me further into the town I tried to put together what may have happened there, I thought about asking but I figured that would probably kill me. It was hard to restrain my excitement; I had finally found a magic user who already appears to be well versed. Without even talking to me they placed me in a cell of some kind, the magic user was the last to leave. I tried to get their attention but as soon as I uttered a syllable they looked at me with wrath, they said I was lucky to still be alive. It was like I was the one responsible for all the havoc that went on. I sent a night or too thinking about how I would convince the magic user to teach me especially after they showed such anger towards my presence there. I did a lot of pacing in my cell until finally someone approached who I hoped would clear a coupe things up, they looked at me with guilt on their face.

They told me that they were sorry for their people’s response to my being there, after that they told me what happened. Apparently a person in very dark entire approached the town and then without reasoning went on a killing spree. The being used very powerful magic attacks; as their story unraveled it suddenly hit me. The one responsible for the towns disarray was the sorcerer I have been looking for, I couldn’t believe my luck. Although I wouldn’t say that facing the creature again will be lucky, I still need magical training. After telling me the town itself took many losses they suggested that I leave at once. I would have taken their advice but I wanted to focus on the task ahead, figuring out how to destroy my enemy. Once they let me go I took it upon myself to find the magic user, I asked where he lived. They told me that his house was one of the ones burned down; this explained the magic user’s anger towards outsiders.

Apparently they were now staying with another family who took them in without hesitation, in return the family asked for protection. As quickly as I could I walked to the house of that family, when I got there I heard loud noises behind the door. It sounded like mild explosions but I couldn’t tell for sure, right as I was about to knock a woman opened the door. She greeted me with a surprised look on her face, truthfully I expected her to send me away immediately. Instead she gestured for me to go in and wait almost like she knew why I was there, after waiting for a few minutes the magic user appeared. He hit me with a what do you want, his face appeared to be just as angry as before. I didn’t really know how to respond but I didn’t come here for nothing, I told him flat out that I needed a teacher. Someone who knows the powers of magic, I told him there was a debt I had to settle. The magic user looked at me and then said that he didn’t teach outsiders, after saying this he began to walk away.

I called out to him saying that I was after the same creature that burnt down the town; I hoped this would convince him. Very rapidly he turned around, I could see the rage in his face but I also saw confusion. He demanded I tell him why I gave a damn; he stated that if anyone was to kill the one responsible it would be him and him alone. As dangerous as saying it was I stated that he would need help, I told him of the power the creature possessed. I told him of the night it made me kill my brethren; I told him that I was just as angry as him. At that point I didn’t care what he thought of me, all I wanted was to learn magic to avenge my fallen friends. He seemed to look at me in a different light now that I had told him all of this, although he had hesitation in his voice he agreed to teach me enough magic so that I could help take down the sorcerer. Now with a teacher I was one step closer to getting my redemption, I admit I am scared about the road to come. Hopefully I will be ready when the time comes. To be continued…..

The Sorcerer Part 1, Helpless

During a long important journey my brethren and I came across a dark being of immense power, the fact of the matter is it almost killed us. At first we thought the thing to be a witch or necromancer, our guesses were very close. It was some sort of sorcerer sent from some distant land to end our lives, as it circled us with dark magic it boasted about how easy it would be to end us. None of my brothers had any knowledge of sorcery, and I was just an average ranger not ever coming across such things. All I could do was firmly grasp my sword in hopes to defend myself, after circling us several times it lashed out. Its gesture ripped the bow from one of my brother’s hands shattering it into pieces while it floated in midair. Next the creature looked to me and with an eerie smile on its deformed face it gestured towards me; I suddenly felt the urge to kill myself. Slowly I began turning my own blade on myself without being able to respond, another one of my brothers began running at the creature. For a second the horrible sensation left me and I watched as the creature responded to its new target, it simply breathed out sending a pulse at my brother.

The very skin was torn from his bones and he dropped in a violent pool of blood and ooze, once more the creature turned to me and continued toying with my will. This time it forced me to run and attack my own group, I couldn’t speak or retaliate. All I could do was watch as it made me kill all of them in a matter of minutes. After my blade dripped with my brethren’s blood the creature let out an insane burst of laughter and then disappeared. Ever sense that horrible day I have been looking for the creature, but I haven’t found a thing. I have taken a vow to learn the ways of magic in order to kill the sorcerer if I find them, unfortunately I don’t have the support of my people. In fact they have exiled me for my crimes against my brethren; you see they think I wanted to murder them. I pleaded with them saying I was under a dark spell but they don’t believe in witchcraft, now I am forced to live on my own. All I can wish for is to find someone who knows of the magical arts, and if I do I hope they will teach me. Only after learning magic can I be able to truly confront that which forced me to do terrible things. Unfortunately the longer it takes for me to find a teacher the stronger my adversary may become, it is already extremely deadly.

I have been hunting off the land for food and lately I have stumbled upon several small villages, none of which have any magic users. My odds are stacked against me as I move from location to location mot finding what I desperately seek. Every night I dream of the killing of my brothers, I can see the events clear as day. The hardest thing to get out of my head is the evil in the creature’s eyes as it manipulated my every move. I wish it had made me kill myself rather than having my kill everyone else. If only the thing showed mercy or restraint, if only I knew who sent it or why. I am burdened by all of these endless questions that no one can give me answers for; I hate it almost as much as I hate the sorcerer. I cannot really describe the hatred that comes to mind when thinking about that dark night; it is hard to not let the rage consume me. I finally came to a town in which I could see there had been vast devastation, as I tried to enter I was stopped by a massive group of soldiers. One of them appeared to be wielding a magic orb of fire; it levitated over their right hand which was extended outwards. I may of finally found who I was looking for. To be continued…..

The Machine

For years our best scientists have been working on a way to reduce casualties on the battlefield. But through all of their best effort they haven’t been able to generate such a technology; however they state that they are really close. I hope so do to the fact that we are about to enter the biggest battle we have ever fought. Not to mention our enemy is extremely good at what they do which is tear their adversaries apart through superior tactics. Our enemy is very good at guerrilla warfare, which results in a massive amount of casualties on our side. Meanwhile they take hardly any and grow in strength every day, like Vietnam we are forced to use burn out tactics. We can only fight enemies that we can see so we burn down all foliage and brush where they can hide, or at least we try to. Often they snipe our flamethrowers causing them to explode killing many soldiers in one shot, it is really unsettling how easily they end us. Every day my superiors ask if our scientists have gotten any closer to their “special” technology, but the response is always the same. They always state that they “need more time” while we soldiers are dying in the hundreds, at times I hate them for what seems like stalling.

I know that I have no right to hate them but I do anyway because I feel that so many lives would have been saved if they had already finished their task. This machine of theirs as they say will in time allow us to stay in combat longer and prevent the deaths of thousands of us. They refuse to say more than that; I assume they are a long way off from accomplishing such a goal. I just hope that they finish the device before we all die out hear fighting an enemy that clearly outmatches us. Many of us ask to pull back but our leaders have ordered us to stick this thing out no matter the cost, some have even joined us out here. Just the other day we lost a colonel out here, he was trying to run down a scout when he was shot in the head. After a couple more months of taking casualties our scientists finally finished their device, today we are putting it to the test. They have deployed it in the middle of our group and we are waiting for the enemy to attack us as they often do in the morning. The machine apparently lets out a pulse that stimulates our bodies into secreting adrenaline; this makes us temporarily faster and stronger. It works almost like when a person is close to death and their body fills with adrenaline allowing them to do things they wouldn’t be able to do normally. Also the machine is supposed to numb certain sectors of our nervous system allowing our pain tolerance to somewhat increase. Before the machine was deployed we all were asked to give a blood sample, each of our blood was then synthesized into the machine. This made it so that the machines effects will only apply to us and not the enemy. To me all of it sounds too good to be true but I guess we will see, we are still waiting for the enemy to strike.

Finally after a couple of hours we started hearing disturbances on our monitors and shortly after wards they hit us harder than usual. They must be acting more aggressive do to us having the machine deployed, from all sides they came at us. Suddenly I felt alive with the effects of our scientist’s new creation; I was surprised at the power I felt inside me. I almost felt like I could take a thousand men out in the blink of an eye, I now moved around at a faster speed. Several times I was hit by bullets and yet I felt little to nothing, I returned fire hitting my mark most of the time. The enemy still moved well through the trees and bushes that we had not yet burned down, I eyeballed an enemy darting for the machine. “Saboteur”, I thought to myself as I quickly moved to intercept. They pulled out some kind of explosive device as they were about half way to our blessed machine. I shot them in the chest but they continued to run although slowed a bit, I fired again while taking a round of my own. It sailed through my arm causing me to stagger back although I wasn’t in much pain. I only had time for one more shot before my primary target would reach the device; I shot for a final time striking the runner in the head. They fell and luckily their armament didn’t go off, throughout the fight they continued to send bombers but to no avail.

There was no doubt that this machine was making us a completely different army, I assume when the machine is turned off I will be overcome by pain but right now I am golden. The fight continued for a good three hours and surprisingly we took a fifty percent less casualties this time around even against a more aggressive swarm. After a little longer the enemy gave up and we stood victorious yelling out for them to try again, it felt great. I really must say I respect the scientists now that I see what their hard work has accomplished I just hope I don’t feel to bad when the machine is shut off….